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Brochures & Programs

As with advertising a brochure or program informs your customers about your agenda, products or services and captures their attention at a first glance.
The first question we always ask when approaching a program or brochure project is what is its purpose. Is your program or brochure for advertising or is it a supplement to an advertisement, providing information?
If your brochure or program is for advertising, first and foremost it needs to demand the attention of your customer through strong visuals and a distinct call-to-action. If its purpose is to provide information, it needs to clearly extend the reader’s knowledge on a specific topic in which it centers around.
At Anneliese Designs we create brochures and programs that accomplish your goals – whether to give detailed information, have strong advertising impacts or a combination of both. We aim to create clear, compelling designs that entice your customers and encourage action.

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