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Anneliese Designs offers the following social media services: Social Site Set-up, Textual Branding, Visual Branding, Integration with Web, Social Media Strategy, Analytics Analysis for Social Media Sites and Social Media Monthly Management.
Textual Branding is the writing or rewriting of your brand content to meet the needs and attention of your target markets on a particular social site. Visual branding is similar to textual branding with the difference that it is communicating your brand visually thru photos, graphics and your logo-types. Integration with Web is making your social sites accessible from your website and if you have a blog, putting the right pieces in place in order to allow publishing your posts straight to your social sites. A Social Media Strategy is a plan for each social site you have, it’s purpose, it’s target and how to evaluate its success. Analytics Analysis for Social Media Sites involves evaluating your social sites’ impact on your website and sales. Social Media Management is the day-to-day operation of your social sites. This is developed as a plan, that is either fully executed by Anneliese Designs or in conjunction with your participation. Execution involves a certain number of posts, interactions etc. all on particular days, times etc. and actions to increase your social community along with interacting with your audience. Please note: with Monthly Social Media Management, a Social Media Strategy is required first.
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