Web Designer, Graphic Designer

Project Process

Based on the type of work and your needs, the approach for each job can differ. However, most projects follow a process that enables Anneliese Designs to provide exceptional service, quality designs, and most importantly: meet and often exceed your expectations.

At first, contact is made with you with regards to your project. This involves an initial meeting between yourself and Anneliese Designs. This could take place in person, on the phone or by email. This meeting is used to discuss your needs and ask many questions about your business, marketing, budget, timeline and goals you have for the project.

Price Quote
After our initial meeting you will be provided with a quote of what it will cost to produce your graphic or web design project. The price quote will include a break-down of design services, what needs to be supplied by you and a timeline for completion. At this time you can decide on whether to include or remove items on the quote that can alter the cost: for example, the purchase of stock photography or illustration services and so forth.

Quote Approval & Contract
Once you have approved the quote, some sort of written documentation is required. For smaller projects this can be as simple as an email, for larger projects you will be supplied a contractual agreement which will include a timeline, project outline, payment schedule and schedule for completion of work.

Depending of the size of the project a retainer of 30% to 50% of the project’s gross amount is required before scheduling project time and moving into design and production.

For most projects we like to start with samples. It is helpful if you can provide any samples of designs with a ‘style’ and ‘look’ you like. If you need help here, we can also provide you with several examples in which you can narrow down your preferences

Once we’ve looked at your samples we begin designing concepts. Design concepts are digital renderings of layouts and ideas that give you a visual to see and make changes to. For these concepts, while incorporating your marketing needs, project goals and design samples, we come up with some fresh and original ideas. This step involves a back-and-forth process between your company and us, which involves making whatever changes you require, e.g. changing colours, adding graphics or imagery, altering text, and/or developing new concepts.

At this stage you’ve settled on one design concept or concepts if the project is several pages and we begin fine-tuning it to fit with your original vision. This again, involves a back-and-forth process between your company and us which involves making any design revisions that you require, e.g. changing colours, adding graphics or imagery and/or altering text.

Final Design
After all the revisions have been made to the chosen design(s) we produce the final version. When the final version is produced you will be asked to review the design and to make any last revisions that are necessary. Once this is done, you are asked to sign-off on the final design so we can then move to production. Depending on whether we are producing printed materials, launching an entire website or supplying a single digital file, the sign-off differs. If you are signing off on digital designs only, (meaning there is no printing involved), we have you email your approval. If we are co-ordinating printing we ask that you fax/email a copy of the artwork to us with your signature indicating that the design is finished and ready for production. If you are signing off on a website launch an email for approval of each page is required. Please note, revisions beyond this point, are not impossible, but can become expensive and interrupt timelines.

For most printing projects you will be looking at 2 week turn around for printing. It often takes less time than this but a 2 week period ensures there’s enough time to prepare the file for production, produce a printed sample (or proof) of the materials, and arrange for delivery. For larger projects such as a website, magazine or book, the production timeline can vary depending on the number of pages and complexity of components on each page.

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